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1 image on 1 slide.

One image per slide is all you need. Any more than that, it can be an overkill.

Using one image per slide helps the user to focus on the text, and the message you are trying to convey.

Less is more!

“It's possible to overdo something”

Add less to your slides. It's the key to grasp peoples' attention.

Use infographics.

Instead of using too much text and data, convert it to an infographic.

Pick the right image.

Don't choose images with too much going on. It distracts the user, and the message.

Choose a more simplistic image that you are able to overlay text, and be more creative with your slide.

The image should not be the focal point.

The focal point should be your message.

The image is secondary, and a support to that message.

Contact PresMonkey to assist you.

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